Parties & Concerts


After the #fullgasMTB action the athletes and the visitors should celebrate the new world cup champions due and exuberant. Under the motto #fullgasPARTY, daily concerts and parties take place in the event area or at side event locations. All parties and concerts are free.

On Friday, Skafari will heat up the opening party and on Saturday, Bonkaponxz will provide the atmosphere in the Party Dome. In addition, the #pumpforpeace concerts with Claudio Caluori in the #pumpforpeace Lounge will create a good atmosphere in the Bike Arena.

Friday, 9 August 2019

Time Programme Location

8.30 pm
10.30 pm

 Live concert Skafari
Set 1
Set 2
Party Dome
9.45 pm #pumpforpeace concert: Claudio and Friends #pumpforpeace Lounge
afterwards World Cup Opening Party with DJ OK Party Dome

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Time Programme Location

8.00 pm
10.00 pm

 Live concert Bonkaponxz
Set 1
Set 2
Party Dome
9.00 pm #pumpforpeace Konzert: Claudio and Friends #pumpforpeace Lounge
afterwards #fullgasmtb PARTY with DJ Louis de Fumer Party Dome


Friday, 9 August 2019 at 08.00 and 10.30 pm, @ Party Dome
Since 1999, the likeable Grisons Offbeat 8 cylinder has made its way unchecked through the music scene. In all renowned Swiss clubs, small and large open airs, as well as in Africa, Brazil, Austria, Italy or Germany, the ska party kings with their wild cover versions always make a sweaty audience.
The name Skafari stands for pure party, no matter if powerful hardcore and rock tunes, grooving reggae, fat skabeats or some flirtations with ragamuffin, the guys know how to increase the well-being and the desire to move of the audience by 100%.

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Saturday, 10 August 2019 from 8.00 and 10.00 pm, Party Dome @ Bike Arena
Good friends who make music together. That's how it all started and still is after 20 years of Bonkaponxz. There was only one staff change at the eight-member group during this whole time. But there were changes in the music area. In two decades, the sound matured from awkward punk and ska buzz to the self-proclaimed High Energy Horns'n'Roll. Guitar riffs accompanied by horn lines, country unifies with rock'n'roll, reggae rhythms dance in double bass thunderstorms. In the meantime the Grisons have produced five albums, travelled the whole continent and made concert visitors from Copenhagen to Nufenen dance with their sound.

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